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Models, douchebags, brahs things are terrible, yo. You, or worse Your Lady, might be getting fat, but not because of the disgusting things going in your mouthholes, but for the most awesome things going in your nose holes! Science researchers from the Houstoniest of Universities, The University of Houston, TX (The Fightin' Houstons), have found that a chemical used to stop your Ipad from bursting into hot flames makes you burst like you eat Hot Flamin' Cheetos:

Zebrafish exposed to the flame retardants tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) and tetrachlorobisphenol A (TCBPA) gained much more weight and had a higher body mass index (BMI) and fat cell build up than those not exposed to them.

TBBPA and TCBPA are commonly used in devices with electrical chips, including cell phones, computers, tablets, televisions and video game consoles. If these chips overheat, they could catch fire. TBBPA and TCBPA stop this from happening.However, the researchers point out that these compounds are released from electronic devices and can settle in the dust that we inhale.


You just wanted to cut some sweet percs, check some sweet updates and have a sweet time. Turns out you could end up with an easily visible mark, of a semi-informed choice, on which society will judge you —as if you eat disgusting sweets. All for that powder, so let that be a lesson —always just do blow off the toilet paper dispenser at the club. It's the only classy way if they won't let you right at the bar!

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