The soft D vitamin in milk might help cure the soft D on your type 2 beetus man. It appears that, while being overweight definitely helps us move down the metabolic train towards unbalanced blood sugar town, a deficiency in vitamin D can also move you from diabet-es to diabet-us. Medical Daily reports:

A new study finds this picture is not nearly so simple, but quite a bit more complex. Researchers at Universidad de Málaga in Spain found people with low levels of vitamin D, regardless of whether they are overweight or thin, are more likely to have diabetes. Vitamin D is known as the "sunshine vitamin" because it is produced by our bodies through simple exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D, despite its name, is actually not a vitamin but a pro-hormone, a substance that amplifies the effects of hormones; it is important to maintaining healthy bones and teeth, while also aiding cell growth and assisting our immune system. Although sunlight is the easiest way to acquire a little necessary D, it can also be absorbed while eating common foods, including eggs, fish, and dairy products.

So it looks like it's time to make that milkshake in the yard if you're really concerned about fighting America's New Scurvy. Getting out and getting sunshine might be just as important as cutting calories. I'm not saying to put down the needle, shaky, but maybe exercise in the sun. In the sun we feel as one. I suggest, as the warmer months come, to walk to the local regal ice cream outlet and purchase some of their fine, dairy filled, whipped sugar air. It'll cure something.