90210 meets Different Strokes w/Rebel Wilson as Molly Fosters โ€”a young girl who has to fit into her new school, fit into her new family, and try to fit into a new healthful lifestyle! Dream information gleaned from recorded brain waves of America's Most Beloved Misogynist and Anti-Semite's frozen head* is proud to make America's engorged faces laugh until they hurt and hurt until the empathy crushes what spirit the Free Hand hasn't stroked away, as Molly works to be a teen-with-it-all (and a little too much!) in Fittin' In!

Synergistic opportunities abound in a heady comedic mix of post-humor and post-capitalism, brah. Fittin' In! is an endless platform for punchlines about products without original jokes. Whether Molly needs to squeeze into a human designer's dress for the dance or needs to squeeze more affordable, healthful, food grade-microwavable product into her relatable round-mouth, we'll force America to squeeze Molly into their already large, heavy thump-thumping hearts!

Brands will want to compete to be the loveable Molly's favorite clothing, make-up and of course food choices. As the commonly beautiful Rebel Wilson wades into part of America's sloggish nightly routine, she'll bring along her corporate friends. The only true friends that can never leave, just like Fittin' In! will never leave us broke and sweaty for opportunities!

*It's Walt's, de facto, since Nixon's head isn't frozen anymore.