David is 20 and a motherfucking genius. He has turned his Shoppe of Photo into a fathouse mirror from which I cannot turn away for so many reasons. If the purpose of Art is to provide a text for fruitful interpretative actions —this dude Arted the fuck out of sexualized representations of women in the media. I have looked at the Spanish Mr. David Lopera's work and I have too many feels in too many academic g-spots.

Is this transgressing traditional beauty and making a space for fat culture? What's the effect of any exploitation in these photos, and how does that differ from the other images of these women? Is this fair to already existing fat bodies seeking this kind of attention?


I don't know if any one act or text has enough power to overcome the inertia of traditional beauty norms and how they are deployed in today's media. Maybe Jesus, but that white bro is totes ripped, so I'm not sure. They are definitely erotic photos, and they are no more or less real than the always already manipulated representations of these women in the media. They are just trying to bend and play with how we see beauty and weight, or something completely fucking different. It's hard to tell, because —um— they evoke a certain kind of attention. Which is complicated to say the least.

I don't quite think this is the same as Tyra donning a fat suit to learn herself and teach us a Very Special Lesson, but they are attached to real women. These aren't quiet parodies without originals (—insert Katy Perry joke here—)*. These texts are linked to the original presentations —I'd say subjects, but that feels too stable.


I don't really know. What do you think?

*This self aware kind of irony buried in a footnote might be funny, but instead the punchline hanged itself —and Katy Perry roams the Earth and World.


All pics are from xmasterdavid and the very first link.